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You don't even need an intercoolor, and so you can use draw-through on a stock carburetor. Owners have reported spark plugs blowing out of their engines and, in one instance, right through the hood! The turbo will increase power on a stock engine, but increasing the airflow capability of the engine will bring your turbo engine to its full potential. But I haven't seen many Turbo's that have such a system. The intake manifold is a off the shelf brand - performance? If you use low-octane fuel, it is more susceptible to pinging as it ignites more suddenly and erratically.

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Trying to add photos, Some things have changed since the photos ie: Blow through you must pressurise the fuel chamber and for every pound of boost you need to add a pound of fuel pressure to keep a positive pressure on the back of the jets. It would be intercooled, running around 10psi of boost. I have seen some superchargers with this on them though. Don't try to pump oil back through the inlet of the roughing pump. They do not add any performance to the engine though. :: View topic - Turbo Fuel Pump Recommendation?

Here you can see the exhaust housing dark and the compressor housing light. You can run a standard carby which is good, you don't need to get a carb pressurized, which can be a bit expensive. Pages 1 2 Next You must login or register to post a reply. Use the form below to search the site: To junk yard turbo or not to junk yard turbo jhilla wrote:
Some blow off valves release the excess air into the atmosphere, creating the 'psshhtt' sound while others recirculate the air back into the intake manifolding. Rather than designing a new fuel map and changing the factory injectors, an independent injector driver can be used to drive one or more extra injectors. There you go learn something new everyday! Would love to run around lbs. Even if i'm pushing 85psi fuel pressure at 20 lbs of boost, it is still 65psi at the injector into the manifold. If you can upgrade the heads, minimum 40x Do it right from the get go

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