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The exercises of the afternoon were opened with prayer, offered by Rev. He was regarded as a very accurate scholar, and had the faculty of attaching the pupils to him very strongly. President Holmes observing that "Father Little," an aged colored man, was present, moved that he be made a member of the society. While love does warm these hearts of ours, In thoughts we strew their graves with flowers. In this he recites the history of his transactions with the Legislature, and congratulates the board that the Legislature of Michigan passed "the noblest act ever passed for higher education by the Legislature of any American State. Last edited Thu, 12 Jun At an April meeting the Regents at first contemplated establishing a separate homceopathic college, as they were persuaded that the introduction of homceopathy into the medical department would result in its disintegration.

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Some of these recollections are of romantic interest. Few men ever received promotion at the hands of a delegated body with more cordial or unanimous acclamation from its constituency. While much has been done, much yet remains to be done in the line of work in collecting and preserving the material illustrative of the early history of our State, and its material and social condition during the different stages of its progress. Rich Pontiac records her struggles, In early days of Parson Ruggles. Last edited Thu, 19 Feb It was on Monday morning, early in the month of July, , in company with Hon. Clemens, was read by Scott Cannon.

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Williams goes over the country it will fall upon hundreds of hearts with the shock of a personal bereavement. At the sound of the bugle by James D. This first Protestant church was built of hewed logs, and stood about five or six miles from Detroit, on the river road to Dearborn. And many simple folk are there, in whose tranquil and steady faith was the highest wisdom. They were kindred spirits in common-sense wisdom, as well as in broad and scholarly tastes, and as long as both lived they were very intimate. He had great learning. Paul's Methodist church, New York.
It is understood that he was opposed by some of his best friends, who, as friends of the Northwestern University, greatly desired his continuance at the head of that institution. Board of Regents, A pp. I doubt if the position was generally considered worthy of him; and it may not be straining probabilities to affirm that such was his own conviction. Thus we receive the favors of the citizens of Detroit as evidences of appreciation, with warm thanks to all. And he, too, looking at life here as but the herald of the great hereafter, might well say to it as it passed on toward the twilight: Board of Regents, , pp.

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