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Strength & Advantage of Lexen.

The Lexen – Live Enzyme Juice Extractor extracts juice by ‘cold press' method thus ensuring that the live enzyme and the nutrients are not destroyed by high speed friction and heat as in the case with centrifugal type of juice extraction. It is so versatile that it can even extract juice from sugar cane (bark must be removed), although it is not recommended for high volume juicing of sugar canes. The ability to juice sugar cane demonstrates the strength of the Lexen Juicer, a tough feat as almost all other ‘cold press or mill type' of juicers cannot perform.


The Lexen Electric Juicer extracts juice at a low rpm [76 rpm] for “cold pressing” fruits and vegetables, hence avoiding creating heat that destroys many of the vital enzymes and nutrients so important for our health. Centrifugal juicers use very high speed blades that cuts and creates friction and heat, which destroys many of the vital enzymes and nutrients.

‘Cold press or mill type' juicers have an internal juicing screen which takes a great deal of pressure and occasionally needs replacing. The good news about Lexen is that there is no internal juicing screen! One less part to clean after juicing and one less part needing occasional replacement.

The juicing drum rests on a support to ensure a steady, solid anchoring during operating with the additional advantage of less wear and tear on the auger shaft.

The Lexen Juice Extractor can do even more than juicing fruit and vegetables, it also juices wheatgrass; makes frozen yogurt and fruit sorbet, and you can even make nut butters, baby food, soy milk and hummus.

The quality & reputation of Lexen.

Like most of the well known brands such as Sony, National, Sanyo and others, Lexen Juice Extractor is manufactured by an ‘expatriate' company in China to bring the cost of production down. Lexen's quality is assured as Lexen utilize own ‘expatriate'expertise and engineers to guarantee their quality.

Lexen Juicers are manufactured by a Company that has been established for about 30 years (since 1977) and employs more than 1,500 well-trained employees. You can therefore expect continuous outstanding service & ongoing availability of spare parts from such a well established company. We are pleased to be able to provide the Lexen at an affordable price that allows everyone to enjoy the incredible health benefits of juicing. To top it all we offer the unsurpassed warranty of 12 years for the motor, and 5 years warranty on non wear & tear parts. 

We hope you enjoy using your Lexen Electric Juicer – [Live Enzyme Juice Extractor].


Horsepower at shaft:
Shaft RPM:
Torque (Motor):
Box measurement:
Carrying Handle:
Push Buttons:

Included in the package:
Plunger / Pusher:
One Juice Container:
One Pulp Container:
One Pulp Strainer/Sieve:
Rigatoni pasta attachment:
Spaghetti pasta attachment:
Wheatgrass auger (green):
Fruit & Vege auger (orange):

Multipurpose Functions:


76 rpm
0.84 N.m.
L43 x W29 x H30cm
On / Off / Reverse Control.

Non-Toxic Polycarbonate plastic.

  • Juice wheatgrass! - comes with a special auger for wheatgrass
  • Juice most vegetables and fruits!
  • Make pasta!
  • Make frozen desserts!
  • Make soy milk!
  • Make baby food!
  • Easy to clean - In tests carried out, cleaning this juicer takes half the time versus cleaning other brands.
  • No Juicing Screen to Clean.
  • Stainless steel shaft.
  • Modern attractive design

Complies with:

EEC 09/128 Migration Test – U.S.A. FDA standard. (UL), (CE) & (AS) approved



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