Lexen Sprouter

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Easy to Use!

The Lexen Sprouter to grow sprouts and wheatgrass in your home.

Easily use the Lexen Sprouter to grow:

Sleek, modern and functional in design.
Know exactly what is going into your crop. Have no fear of harmful pesticides or chemicals!

The Lexen Sprouter makes growing wheatgrass and sprouts easy and fun for everyone!
It includes an easy to follow instruction booklet on how to grow your own wheatgrass and sprouts.

The Lexen Sprouter allows you to grow sprouts with or without the use of soil. You can grow up to four different sprouts per tray. Two trays are included with the Lexen Sprouter so you can grow up to eight different types.


Growing your own wheatgrass and sprouts is fun & Easy. It is also very economical, only pennies per shot!

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