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Perhaps the killings were a mere demonstration for his 11 year old daughter? Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Whereas the men are allowed to be both ages. Natalya watched silently as Xenia raised her hands threateningly. I was going through my messages and there were like three of them for the latest update, and I'll reply to your note here if that's ok.

Natalya Fyodorovna Simonova


But though the love affair goes no deeper than usual, the script does acknowledge the price that the spy has paid for remaining emotionally numb. Launching herself with a leaping kick, Natalya hit Xenia squarely in her chest. Natalya instantly dismissed the idea. Her favorite, by the way. He raced after a light plane taxiing for take-off on a cliff-top landing strip hundreds of feet above the valley floor. When the remains of over 20 mutilated corpses were found decomposing in a rancid coal pit, it took over a month before suspicion finally fell upon jovial Gregori. On a beachfront at sunset, Natalya tried to convince Bond to give up his profession -- "All of you, with your guns, your killing, your death.

Xenia [The GoldenEye: Source Wiki]

It would be several years before her full potential was awoken, but even at this nascent stage of her life If you are familiar with me on this forum, I have a fetish for women using their sexuality to seduce and destroy men. A warrior of sorts since birth, Natalya Simonova was hardly the kind to give up. Agent is in the midst of a government psychological evaluation during which he meets Xenia Onatopp the man-eating Famke Janssen , a foxy former KGB agent with a taste for high-stakes thrills. Though she lacked the specialized training of her peers, Natalya possessed both a stubborn will and a deep intelligence of mind. This torn National Geographic picture marked the first step on Natalya's journey to liberation.
Natalya Simonova's reflexes were amazingly fast. If you are familiar with me on this forum, I have a fetish for women using their sexuality to seduce and destroy men. The mesh top would be perfect, it exposed her belly and she could feel the breeze on her skin, the only catch being she still had to wear a strapless bra. Natalya herself was one of them. A job worth doing should at least be done well.

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